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English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series

The English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series (EWES) is a collection of free workshops uniquely designed to support international students living and studying in Australia.

Each workshop focuses on providing English language skills, practical advice and guidance related to moving to Australia and studying at ANU.

For more information on the English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series, please visit the Australian National University website.

Welfare support

Our Student Support Officers (Welfare) are here all week to support students as they transition to the new learning and cultural environment at ANU College. All students are able to access the assistance and referral on offer for non-academic matters, such as accommodation, medical, legal and personal issues that might be preventing them doing their best work while they are here at the College.

Academic support

Our Student Support Officer (Academic) coordinates the delivery of academic skills and language support to ensure adjustment to study and life in Australia and to ensure student experiences and outcomes are continuously improved. In addition to workshops and one-to-one language and academic support, each course on offer at the College provides Supervised Self-Study Time (SST) which is an opportunity for students to practice self-directed learning in a supervised environment.

Health, safety and security

Qualified first-aid officers are available at ANU College and may be accessed through reception. Further medical help is available on campus at the ANU Health Service, where students may receive free medical care from both male and female general medical doctors and nurses are also available on campus for students.

Students are also encouraged to be aware of, and take responsibility for, their own safety, as well as the safety of others. The campus has a dedicated team of volunteers comprising the UniSafeguard Patrols, who, when requested (usually by phone), can escort students to their (on-campus) destination should they feel unsafe, particularly if walking at night. Each patrol officer has completed an intensive security course and is trained in first aid.

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