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Zichen Yang

Country: China

After one year of study at ANU College, I am confident now to say that choosing to study at ANU College was the best decision I made in my whole life. Before I enrolled at ANU College, I had very little skills to meet the requirements for ANU. My English was terrible, especially the speaking because it is really hard to practice. I had no idea what the academic life would be like in university.

During my study at ANU College, I not only learnt useful knowledge that later helped me a lot when I am pursuing my undergraduate degree, but also built my confidence by obtaining essential academic skills. ANU College Foundation program is not just about improving English skills for international students, but also has a wide range of courses that help students with different areas of interests to lay the foundation of the study which makes the first year of university easier for us. The teachers there are very friendly and they are ready to answer students' questions any time. I also met lots of friends there from different countries and cultures and it is a very special experience for me. We formed a study group together and taught each other as well as improved ourselves.

Now I have graduated from the Foundation Studies and gone to ANU to study Finance and Actuarial Studies. I also won the CBE scholarship. I was told in the first day of Foundation that there was a scholarship available for business students, but I never dreamed that one day it would be me who would receive it. I strongly recommend ANU College and after several months, it may be you who might be surprised like I am now.