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Weilin Zheng

Country: China

I chose to study at ANU College because it is a good pathway to ANU. Studying here helped me a lot for my English skills. ANU College academic staff are nice and patient to help with our studies. Most importantly, ANU College has a well-organised structure and useful content for improving English in academic levels, strengthening base of what each student is going to study at universities.

Canberra is a safe and lovely city. Life in Canberra is comfortable and there are a lot of activities held in Canberra on weekends so it is easy to meet new people. People in Canberra are really nice, helpful and warm-hearted. I got a lot of help from people in Canberra when I first came here.

I want to study Biotechnology at ANU. I believe that studying Biotechnology at ANU will give me many benefits for determining my future career.