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Sothea Bun

Country: Cambodia

ANU college is extremely exciting place for me because I can talk with many people from many countries, and I have never been in such a place in my life. This is the best advantage to study in ANU College in Canberra.

I’m studying General English in ANU College and and all my friends ask me, “Why did you choose Australia and ANU?”. I chose ANU because of its reputation, its environment and its variety of majors. ANU is the one of best universities in Australia and it has also become the destination of choice for international students. Students from around the world want to study at ANU because after they graduate, they can get a good job or they can open their own business. ANU also has great and experienced professors.

This college has a huge area and a lot of interesting buildings for students. ANU has a headquarter in Canberra, which is the naturally beautiful capital city of Australian. This city is good either studying or living, it had a lot of museums and libraries and it isn’t crowded as well. You can also make lots of friends from different countries and exchange your culture with them.

ANU provides a lot of variety that can be easy for student choose their major depend on their situation, circumstances, passion or talent. If you have a chance to study in ANU, you should take it because it's a great choice.