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Soichiro Inoue

Country: Japan

ANU college provides us with golden opportunities to study in a fantastic environment in which we can read many English books and use the free Internet. ANU college has wonderful teachers who always give us interesting work - for example, we chose one Australian artist and went to the National Gallery to obtain information about the artist and then we did a presentation about him/her. Studying at ANU has helped improve my English ability and I am convinced that this experience will contribute to my study in ANU in the future.

Canberra, in which ANU College is located, is a quiet and amazing city, so we can concentrate on study. In central Canberra, there is the lake called Burly Griffin, where a lot of people walk and cycle daily. Every morning, I watch the lake and feel refreshed. During the weekend, I sometimes go to the city centre to watch movies. Since I came here, I have hardly felt bored in Canberra.

I am staying in the Homestay. My host mother and host brother are really nice, and my host mother has been running pizza business. I have absorbed many things from them. Due to them, I can live pleasantly in Canberra.