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Maurice Jonquet Van Brunschot

Country: The Netherlands

When I was asked why I chose ANU College, I answered without hesitation. I chose this university because I am, by nature, ambitious. One of the few places where I can quench my thirst for knowledge is here; in one of the top ranked universities worldwide. I gained a lot of experience while I stayed in Canberra. Not only ANU ensures you reach a level of academic excellence, but the warmth and wisdom of its teachers make you grow as a person as well. While adapting to a completely new environment was no easy task, Australian hospitality made me feel welcome at all times. Canberra is not only home to thousands of smiling faces but it also is an excellent place to study. The silence of the streets and the peaceful atmosphere the city provides makes studying pleasant and relaxing. Studying at ANU is not easy, but is certainly worth it. If someone asks me if I regret my decision not only will I say no, but I will also add that I am eager to keep studying in such a remarkable institution. ANU College has pushed me to my limits in a way that I feel encouraged to be even better.

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