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Hanul Lee

Country: South Korea

I am really glad that I had an opportunity to study at ANU College. It provided a number of programs, which were great preparation for my further studies. Every program had its own specialties such as intensive essay-writing practices or vivid learning, using multimedia or going on field trips. I found them really helpful since I had not been used to Australian secondary and tertiary education.

While providing academic programs of excellent quality, ANU College organises various outdoor activities students can participate in to enjoy their lives in Canberra, which I thought were very student-friendly. It was also easy communicating with teachers. Having academic advice, as well as advice on daily lives, was always highly satisfying. Canberra, where ANU College is located, has a nice environment for students as well.

I hope what I have learned here would help me cope with any difficulties. I really appreciate all helps I got from teachers and friends at ANU College.