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Meet ANU College students

Students from right across Asia, South America, Europe and beyond, and from a variety of backgrounds are often unanimous in their praise for the improvement gained in their English language skills after completing an ANUC course.

But more than this, it’s the lifelong friends gained, and appreciation for people from different countries and cultures that enhances the wider education ‘experience’ that only a truly international College like ANU can offer.

ANU College student's testimonialMirza Junaid Baig

"I think ANU College provides a splendid pathway program. The teachers are always keen to help students."

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ANU College Student's TestimonialSabila Nazlani (Bella)

"I have so much love for my current house now! It's so convenient, so close to everything!"

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ANU College studentAzwin Ahmad Zamri

"Studying in the ANU College was a 3 in 1 advantage for me. I got to learn new things such as citing and referencing. I even got to make friends with people around the world."

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ANU College student's testimonialHwan Sheu Wu (Alanna)

"The most difficult part about studying in English would be to write an academic essay or report. Before coming to Australia, I'd never written an essay, let alone writing in English.."

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