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Unlock your potential at ANU by improving your English and wellbeing.

What is the English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series?

The English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series (EWES) is a collection of free workshops uniquely designed to support international students living and studying in Australia.

Each workshop focuses on providing English language skills, practical advice and guidance related to moving to Australia and studying at ANU.

Who can participate?

All ANU undergraduate and postgraduate first and second year international and domestic students from non-English speaking backgrounds (as defined by ANU) can join the series.

Students who enrolled in EWES during their second year can continue attending workshops into their third year until the end of 2021; however, participation will be limited to workshops not previously completed.

Why should I join?

We understand that the transition to university is challenging enough without also having to leave your home country.

These workshops will help you:

  • feel more confident and comfortable living in Canberra and studying at ANU
  • practice your English for academic success
  • meet other new international students and share your experiences
  • improve your English through face-to-face feedback and conversations
  • develop personal, social and academic confidence.

EWES offers:

  • small group settings for increased interaction
  • opportunities to attend a range of workshops throughout the year including mid-semester, winter and summer breaks
  • flexibility to accommodate your study load and schedule
  • sessions run by qualified and experienced teachers
  • lunchtime sessions to practice your English in a fun and interactive atmosphere.

Meet students studying our English Wellbeing Enhancement Series

What can you expect from these workshops?

Below is a selection of workshops you can join as part of this series. For the full range of sessions, view the workshop brochure.

Communicating Objectively

The ability to express certainty or confidence in the claims you make is central to the conventions of academic writing. This session will help you to learn the language you need to express your ideas with appropriate certainty and confidence.

Building Sentences

The purpose of academic communication is to express your ideas clearly using a combination of sentence types that are accurately constructed to convey the intended meaning. This session will develop your skills in writing grammatically accurate text which uses a range of sentence structures.

Using Presentation Language

Developing good presentation skills is useful in both your academic and professional life. Using the appropriate phrases and expressions can help you deliver a more effective presentation. This session teaches language strategies to develop your confidence and improve the effectiveness of your presentation.

Using your Sources

In your studies, you will need to depend on the work of other scholars in your field to support your ideas. In this session you will learn how to use reporting verbs when incorporating evidence from sources in your writing or academic presentations.

Emotional Wellbeing

Moving to a new country as an international student is a challenging time. Finding yourself in a new environment with different social, cultural and educational practices can have an impact on your emotional wellbeing. This session develops your language so you can express your feelings and to ask for support and advice when you need it.

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