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ANU College is located on the main ANU campus in the heart of Canberra. The University campus combines state-of-the-art learning environments with arts, culture and leisure facilities. Therefore all the amenities, attractions and opportunities of Australia's capital city are easy to access from the College.

As an international student, you will have access to a full range of academic and non-academic facilities and services on and around the university campus. All students have access to ICT resource areas, quiet study spaces, and purpose-built classrooms with computing facilities.

There is a strong residential focus at the ANU campus, and there are plenty of amenities to support the student community, including counselling, health and medical, religious, parenting and disability services.

ANUC campus facilities and services:

  • Purpose built and other classrooms with ICT facilities
  • IT lab with computerised language learning software
  • Wireless network and internet access for students
  • Access to ANU libraries
  • Comfortable student common room with kitchen facilities
  • Quiet study and ICT resource areas for students
  • First Aid Officers available
  • Student welfare support officers

Student experience on campus

Daniela from Venezuela gives us an idea what student life is like at ANU College and the University

Enjoy the campus

The University campus has beautiful, landscaped grounds that are relaxing and inspiring. Attractions include a sculpture walk, heritage trails, art gallery and Classics Museum. Many students enjoy cycling on the campus, and find that it is a cheap and environmentally friendly way of travelling around Canberra.

The ANU campus has a wide range of sporting facilities. These include indoor and outdoor courts, gym facilities, a climbing wall and fitness classes. ANU College students have the same access and rates to ANU Sport facilities and services as ANU students.

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New developments on campus

ANU is currently re-developing the heart of the campus with new student accommodation, a cinema, pool, gym, theatre, cafés, bars, shops and services. While it’s being developed, the ANU community has access to food, entertainment and more at the ANU Pop-Up Village.

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