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Accommodation for under 18s must comply with the approved guidelines set by ANU College. Underage students commencing study at the College can either live with a relative that has been verified by the Department of Home Affairs, or they must follow the College’s approved welfare arrangements.

Accommodation and welfare arrangements

ANU College has a clear set of approved accommodation and welfare arrangements regarding accommodation for under 18s. These arrangements have been designed to safeguard and support all underage students at the College.

Underage students are required to:

  • live with an Australian Homestay Network (AHN) family
  • employ the services of a professional caregiver (guardian).

The role of guardians

Guardians are responsible for the welfare of underage students. They ensure that all students in their care receive the best possible experience while studying at ANU College.

Our multilingual guardians meet with their students on a regular basis to support and guide them in all aspects of life. Guardians regularly communicate with parents, College staff, homestay hosts and other relevant bodies.

Guardians can be arranged through Professional Student Care or International Student Alliance.

Students currently enrolled in Australia

Student visa holders currently enrolled in another Australian institution must contact ANU College if they would like the College to make welfare arrangements.

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