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For new students studying in Australia for the first time, homestay is recommended as the safest and best option.

All homestay hosts associated with ANU College have been screened by the College’s homestay provider, the Australian Homestay Network, and are required to undergo training in order to provide a high level of service and comfort to the student.

The minimum period of homestay is 4 weeks, and students are required to make payments in advance. Further details will be made available to students requiring homestay once placement has been made.

What are the benefits of living in homestay?

Pooja shares her experience of living with an Australian family in Canberra.

Australian Homestay Network (AHN)

ANU College contracts the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to provide a safe, welcoming and quality accommodation option for students. A homestay experience with AHN offers a supportive family-style environment to assist students’ adaptation to life in Canberra and Australia. For many students homestay is a memorable and unique cultural experience. All AHN homestay families undertake a thorough registration process that includes training, police checks, personal interviews and home-inspections.

AHN Homestay Hosts are trained to assist international students with:

  • Settling into their new community
  • Understanding the basics of Australian culture
  • Everyday conversational skills
  • Learning the basics such as: buying transport tickets; locating where the local shops are; accessing banking, internet, and mobile phone set-up; and personal safety tips
  • Frequently used English and ‘Aussie’ words and phrases

An AHN Homestay student is provided with:

  • A supportive family environment and home to live in
  • A clean furnished room (this includes items like a bed, desk, wardrobe, chair and a study lamp)
  • Meals and accommodation (including utilities)
  • Ongoing homestay host and student support
  • AHN 24/7 professional phone support
  • AHN Contents Insurance for students and hosts as per AHN Insurance Policy

The visiting student will also have access to bathroom and laundry facilities and can choose a range of AHN meal service options. Students are welcome to extend their original homestay placement.

2018 Fees

Homestay Placement Fee: AU$240.00
Canberra Greeting Service: AU$120.00

Homestay Options

Students Over 18

Accom. Type Offering Weekly Fee
Private room Traditional – Breakfast and dinner Mon – Fri, 3 meals on weekends AU$285.00
Dinner only x 7 days AU$265.00
No meals AU$210.00
Shared room Traditional – Breakfast and dinner Mon – Fri, 3 meals on weekends AU$255.00
Dinner only x 7 days AU$235.00
No meals AU$190.00

Students Under 18*

Accom. Type Offering Weekly Fee
Private room Complete – Breakfast and dinner Mon – Fri, 3 meals on weekends AU$300.00*
Shared room Complete – Breakfast and dinner Mon – Fri, 3 meals on weekends AU$265.00

*There is an additional $40 per week Guardianship Fee. This is for students who do not have a legal guardian (i.e. parent or DIAC-approved custodian) living in Canberra

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