University Preparation Program (UPP)

Designed for domestic students who do not meet relevant minimum entry requirements at ANU, the University Preparation Program (UPP) has been developed as part of the ANU Access Scheme and is a domestic pathway program to help students build a strong foundation in the core skills needed for academic success at ANU.

The scheme is made up of 3 programs: Achieve, Advance, and Active. Each of the programs contain engaging material relating to research being conducted at ANU. The programs are delivered in small-group tutorial sessions by supportive and well-qualified educators, preparing students to engage in further studies at ANU with a high degree of independence and academic confidence.

Course Structure

Students will complete three semester-long programs: Achieve, Advance, Activate. These are made up of three courses each per semester:

ANU Achieve

ANU Advance

  • Advance Literacy: students build transferable literacy skills to analyse, evaluate, and respond to a range of texts
  • Advance Numeracy: students develop skills in using mathematics to make informed decisions about a variety of everyday and topical issues
  • Independent Research Project: students apply problem solving, teamwork, and research skills to a topic of interest using simple survey methodology to collect and analyse data

ANU Activate

  • Activate Literacy: students build literacy skills, in particular the ability to write about and present arguments, and gain greater mastery of conventions for academic language use and academic integrity
  • Activate Numeracy: students develop skills in applying mathematics to solve real-world problems


  • Activate Mathematics: students cover the algebraic and calculus methods necessary for mathematical modelling in a range of STEM-related fields
  • One Diploma course


Students who complete the ANU University Preparation Program (UPP) will be eligible for entry into the ANU Diplomas (current offerings include the Diploma of Liberal Studies, the Diploma of Computing, the Diploma of Creative Design, the Diploma of Music, and the Diploma of Science).

Entry requirements


Domestic students with no ATAR or an ATAR below 60 will be required to undertake a diagnostic test and attend an interview to be determined eligible for entry to the program


Domestic students with an ATAR of 60-69


Domestic students with an ATAR of 60-69 and a pass in both Year 12 English and Mathematics

Students who have not been awarded a Year 12 certificate or equivalent must be 18 years or older

Key Dates

Course start dates: 24 February 2020
Diagnostic test dates: 19 December 2019
6 January 2020
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