Foundation Studies

Your pathway to Australia's #1 University

The ANU College Foundation Studies has been designed to provide students with the appropriate academic preparation for their intended ANU degree program. Upon completion, and subject to meeting ANU entry requirements, acceptance into the student’s chosen undergraduate degree program is guaranteed. 

International students from all over the world benefit from our Foundation Studies, as it prepares individuals to enter the Australian higher education system and helps to hone English language and academic skills.

There are three programs offered: 

  • Standard
  • Rapid
  • Extended

Each program is designed and delivered with different academic levels in mind, so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Why study a Foundation program?

If you are keen to study abroad in Australia and want to fully prepare to achieve your potential at university, then studying our Foundation Studies may be the answer. By studying this program at ANU College, you can benefit from:

  • a tailored, purpose-built curriculum aimed at international students
  • small teaching groups, to maximise one-on-one student-teacher time and support
  • a welcoming, multi-cultural community that will encourage you to feel at home in your new surroundings
  • English language support and tuition, to strengthen your communicative and written abilities
  • a gentle introduction into studying abroad, with lots of extracurricular activities to get involved with.

The ANUC Foundation Studies Programs meet the requirements for Foundation Programs which have been registered on CRICOS for delivery in Australia to overseas students providing an academic preparation for those seeking entry to first year undergraduate study or its equivalent. 

Australian Foundation programs

Standard Foundation Studies 

The four-term Standard program pathway is the flagship Foundation program at ANUC. This Foundation course maximises student opportunity to meet pre-requisite course criteria for multiple ANU programs and achieve the high pathway English language requirement prior to commencing at ANU.

Who is the Standard program for?

The Standard Foundation program provides the most expansive opportunity for students to obtain a competitive GPA entry score for ANU. It is the most accessible of our pathway offerings and would be suited to students who require support in improving their academic and English language abilities ahead of studying a degree abroad.

Program structure

During the Standard Foundation program, students will undertake the following over four terms:

  • complete a total of 20 courses (5 per term)
  • 12 compulsory courses are selected from the English (core skills and applied), plus Mathematics or Research skills areas

8 discipline electives (science, engineering and computer science; business and economics; arts, law and social sciences).    

Subjects: 5 subjects completed each term - 20 in total.

Rapid Foundation Studies

Under the Rapid Foundation program, students will cover a select set of courses over a more condensed period of time. This pathway provides students with the opportunity to add an additional elective to their studies and complete the program over three terms rather than the four terms of the Standard Program.

Who is the Rapid program for?

The three term Rapid program is better suited to students who are confident in completing the foundation program requirements in a shorter time frame. It is advisable that students selecting this program are confident English speakers, able to excel under pressure with diverse assessment tasks such as critical analysis and oral presentations.

Program structure

Students will undertake the following over three terms as a part of the Rapid program:

  • complete a total of 18 courses (6 per term)
  • 9 compulsory courses are selected from the English (core skills and applied), plus Mathematics
     OR Research skills areas
  • 9 discipline electives (science, engineering and computer science; business and economics; arts, law and social sciences)

Subjects: 6 subjects completed each term - 18 in total.

Extended Foundation Studies

The Extended program has a five-week intensive study period, focusing on English preparation in four concise subject courses. Additionally, Extended provides opportunity for students to enhance their study and language skills and cultural awareness through five weeks of practical and focused courses and a study tour experience to Sydney or the Illawarra region.

Who is the Extended program for?

The Extended program is for students with a view to access their tertiary education as quickly as possible. As a result, this course requires a further-heightened English language ability from its entrants, and would be of most benefit to international students seeking specialised instruction to improve upon their existing academic skills.

Program structure

In the Extended Foundation program, students complete the following courses across five weeks:

  • Foundation English
  • Maths in Society 
  • The Social Psychology of Leisure
  • Australian Landscape 

Subjects: 4 subjects initially then 5 subjects in each term - 24 in total.

Terms 1 - 4 follow the same streamed subject structure as the FS Standard Program.



Assessment in Foundation Studies consists of a variety of task types including quizzes, tests, projects, presentations, debates, essays and reports. Students in Foundation Standard and Rapid must successfully complete Hurdle tasks in all English courses. In Foundation Extended, students must receive a minimum grade of 55% in Foundation English and a minimum grade of 50% in each of the other courses to proceed to the next term of study at ANUC.

How Foundation Program scores are calculated for progressing to study at ANU

  • English entry requirement: minimum grade of 65% for all programs except for Law where a minimum grade of 85% is required.
  • Academic entry requirement: grade point average calculated by averaging a student’s best fourteen grades achieved out of all courses studied (excluding the FSX preliminary courses).

Mode of study

Full time, on campus.

Please note: While COVID border restrictions apply this program will be delivered online in virtual classroom mode.


Foundation Studies Extended: 60 weeks
Foundation Studies Rapid: 40 weeks
Foundation Studies Standard: 52 weeks
(Holidays are included)


On completion, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Entry requirements

Find out the academic and English entry requirements for the ANU College Foundation Studies.

Eligibility and How to Apply

ANU College has introduced additional entry criteria for its pathway programs. Find out the additional entry criteria for the ANU College Foundation Studies.

Key Dates

Find out the Foundation Studies key dates.


Find out the Foundation Studies tuition fees.

ANUC Foundation Studies Extended. CRICOS Course Code: 093337E.
ANUC Foundation Studies Rapid. CRICOS Course Code: 093335G.
ANUC Foundation Studies Standard. CRICOS Course Code: 093336F.
Provider: Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as ANU College.

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