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The express pathway to Australian National University

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The ANU Express program is offered by ANU, and taught at ANU College. The program is a one semester (13 weeks) pathway into ANU. The courses on offer within the ANU Express program have been specially designed to provide students with the appropriate academic preparation for their intended ANU degree program.

Successful completion of the ANU Express program occurs when a student passes all enrolled courses. Entry to ANU occurs when a student successfully completes the program and meets the grade point average set by ANU for entry to each degree program. This average is calculated from the four academic course grade totals (6 units each).

The programs begins with 2 weeks of preparation study followed by 10 weeks of the program and a 1 week period at the end dedicated to completing a research project which is part of the entire study or the program.

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Applicants should be advised that assessment is on the basis of the highest qualification attempted and/or achieved. The University reserves the right to alter or discontinue its programs as required. The scores published should be used as a guide only and the University may vary these requirements at any time.

ANU Express. CRICOS Course Code: 079652M. This course will be delivered by Study Group Australia Pty Limited trading as ANU College on behalf of The Australian National University.