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ANU College, in partnership with the Australian National University, offers two mathematics courses to help individuals succeed in academic fields where mathematics is required, for example commerce, science and engineering. Both courses are 60 hours in length and are offered twice a year, starting in March and August. Classes are two hours long, twice a week, and are generally conducted in the early evening. All courses are open to the general public.

Note: these are non-award courses, and are not registered for CRICOS and are only available to students who do not require a student visa.


Designed for students with little or no maths skills, which serves as a pre-requisite for the Maths Bridging course.

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Maths Bridging

Suitable for students needing to update or build upon their maths skills, be it for career development or preparation for tertiary studies in the fields of science, engineering or commerce.

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*Only available to students who are Australian citizens and permanent residents.