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Academic English Preparation (AEP) programme is a ten-week course designed to equip international students with the skills and knowledge needed to live and work in Australia and to transition successfully to other courses at ANU College.

The AEP Programme aims to enable all students to develop their critical understanding and control of the English language for use in a wide range of formal and informal situations. It also aims to develop the level of competence required to meet the demands of ANU Access English, Foundation and Diploma programs.

The AEP programme consists of 23 hours per week of face-to-face classroom instruction, including 2 hours a week of Supervised Study Time (SST), ICT and/or Study Skills. Upon successful completion of the AEP programme, students should be able to:

  • Communicate in English accurately, fluently and effectively in a range of social and academic contexts.
  • Demonstrate intercultural awareness, understanding and the knowledge and skills needed to use language appropriately in a range of personal, social and academic contexts.
  • Work independently and collaborate with others effectively in teams.
  • Think independently, analytically and creatively.

Progression Requirements

To progress successfully to the next level of AEP or the next course/program of study, students must achieve an overall grade of 60% and above with a minimum of 60% in each skill.

A student who attempts all assessment tasks and meets the progression requirements of the programme, but achieves between 55% and 59% in only one skill will be eligible for a supplementary task. Successful completion of a supplementary task; that is, achieving a minimum grade of 60% in that task, allows the student to progress to the next level of AEP and/or their next course/program of study. No student will be eligible for a supplementary task in more than one skill.

Each student must achieve a score of 60% or more to successfully complete each level of AEP. No additional IELTS is required to progress to the ANUC Foundation Studies program or the ANU Access English course.

Key Dates


Entry Requirements

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Articulation Arrangements

The Academic English Preparation (AEP) programme provides entry into ANU Access English, Foundation Extended, Foundation Standard and Diploma programs.

Start Dates
Start Dates
Levels Articulates to...
  • AEP 3 only
  • AEP 4
  • Foundation Extended
  • ANU Access English
  • Foundation Standard
  • Diploma


Academic English Preparation (AEP). CRICOS Course Code: 085947A.