ANU Entry Requirements Someone writing

ANU Entry Requirements

Students are required to meet the following entry requirements to progress from ANU College Foundation Studies for their chosen undergraduate degree program (2017 ANU Admissions).

Program 2018
Overall Score
Overall Score 
Prerequisites and other requirements
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) B Arts 69% 74% 
B Arts (Majoring in Latin American studies) 69%   74%  
B Archaeological Practice 69% 74%
B Art History & Curatorship 69% 74% 
B Classical Studies 69% 74% 
B Development Studies 69% 74% 
B Environment & Sustainability 69% 74%
B European Studies 69% 74% 
B International Relations 75% 87% 
B Policy Studies 69% 74%
B Languages (CASS) 69% 74% 
B Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies 69% 74% 
B Music1 Audition by submission of DVD/CD recording.
B Philosophy (Hons) Arts Case by case assessment. College approval required.
B Design Arts2 International applicants taking Year 12 in Australia, if possible, should attend an interview, taking part in drawing classes and submit a portfolio.
B Digital Arts
B Visual Arts2
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) B Asian Studies 69% 74% 
B International Security Studies 75% 87% 
B Pacific Studies 69% 74% 
ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE)* B Accounting 73% 82% 
B Actuarial Studies  Case-by-case Advanced Maths 
B Business Administration 70% 77% 
B Commerce 70% 77% 
B Economics 73% 82% 
B Finance 73% 82% 
B International Business 73% 82%  February start only.
B Statistics 73% 82% 
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Sciences (CECS) B Advanced Computing (Hons) 75% 87% 
B Advanced Computing (R & D) (Hons) 95% 97%  Advanced Maths. Case by case consideration. College approval required.
B Engineering (Hons) 75% 87%  60% Calculus. Physics is assumed knowledge
B Engineering (R & D) (Hons) 95% 97%  Case by case consideration. College approval required.
B Information Technology 69% 74%  Advanced Maths required.
B Software Engineering 74% 83% 
ANU College of Law (COL)* B Laws 91% 96%  High level English required. Case by case consideration. College approval required.
ANU Joint Colleges of Science B Biotechnology 69% 74%  Chemistry.
B Genetics 75% 87%  Chemistry.
B Health Science 75%% 87%  Maths & Chemistry. Case by case consideration. College approval required
B Mathematical Science  80%  93%  Advanced Maths 
B Medical Science 75% 93%  Chemistry.
B Psychology (Hons) 80% 93% 
B Science 69% 74%  Prior knowledge of certain subjects.
B Science (Psychology) 74% 
B Science (Advanced Hons) 80% 93% 
B Environmental & Sustainability   69%  74%  
B Environmental & Sustainability (Adv) (Hons)  80%  93%   
B Mathematical Sciences  80%  93%   
  B Philosophy (Honours) Science Case-by-case Students may be required to submit two referee reports and attend an interview. College approval required. Students interested in Philosophy (Hons) Asia and the Pacific Studies should apply for the Science program. 

* The entry score programs in these colleges is calculated on the academic subjects in the Foundation Studies program.
The above information is subject to change. Please refer to the Letter of Offer provided by ANU for final entry requirements. Please note that minimum grades may vary within the prerequisites.
1 Details of the audition requirements can be found at Students who successfully audition for the B Music degree may be offered a conditional offer to ANU subject to successfully completing the ANU College Foundation Studies Program.
2 Details of the interview and portfolio requirements can be found on the web at For information about international students application process, fees, international scholarships and entry requirements, please refer to: Students who are successful in the portfolio selection process for B Visual Arts or the B Design Arts degree may be offered a conditional offer to ANU subject to successfully completing the ANU College Foundation Studies Program.