Current Students

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Staying healthy, happy and safe during your studies is important.


Emergency Medical Treatment

In the case of a genuine medical emergency, telephone 000 (free call), or visit the emergency ward of The Canberra Hospital or Calvary Hospital.

Non-emergency Medical Treatment

For non-emergency medical treatment, you will need to make an appointment to see a GP (General Practitioner, i.e. a doctor). Please do not go to the Canberra Hospital or Calvary Hospital emergency department unless it is a genuine emergency.

ANU Health Service (tel: 6125 3598) is only a 5 minute walk from ANU College and students with OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) can see a doctor free of charge.

To find other doctors throughout Canberra, try the Canberra Medical Directory.

What if I need to see a doctor at night or on a weekend/public holiday?

The ACT Government has a list of after-hours services here.


Canberra is a generally safe city with a lower crime rate than other major cities in Australia. However, we do encourage students to observe the following as a precaution.

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid travelling alone after dark – travel with friends or take a taxi
  • If using public transport at night is unavoidable, sit close to the bus driver
  • Keep your valuables close to you and discreet
  • Always carry enough money to take a taxi home, just in case
  • Store emergency numbers in your phone and keep your phone close to you
  • If you need to travel across campus at night, use the ANU Unisafe Bus or the ANU Security escort

Useful contacts and links

Safety on Campus – ANU Security

Safety information from the ACT Police

To contact the ACT Police

  • In a life-threatening emergency, call 000
  • If the situation is not life-threatenning, call 131 444
  • Click here to find the closest police station


Tips for adjusting to life at the ANU as an International Student

Other great online resources from the ANU Counselling Centre

If you are concerned about your wellbeing or the wellbeing of another student, please see an ANU College Student Support Officer for advice.

Require further information?

Concerned about yourself or a classmate? Please make an appointment and speak to an ANU College Student Support Officer.