Maths Basic Course

This 60-hour course is offered twice a year and is designed for students with little or no maths skills. It serves as a pre-requisite for the Maths Bridging course.

The 2-hour classes - held on two or three days per week - are generally conducted in the early evening. Some secondary level maths - at most Year 10 Maths or equivalent - is a pre-requisite.

A successful pass in Maths Basics will meet pre-requisite requirements for the Maths Bridging course.

Note: This course is not registered for CRICOS and is only available to students who do not require a student visa

Course Dates & Fees

The course will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings (6-8 pm).


Tuition Fee Semester 1 intake*
$1100 Application deadline 3 March
First Teaching period 3 March - 18 April
Teaching Break 21 - 25 April
Second Teaching period 28 April - 20 June
Final Exam: In week beginning June 16

Tuition Fee Semester 2 intake*
$1100 Application deadline 4 August
First Teaching period 4 August - 26 September
Teaching Break 29 September - 3 October
Second Teaching period 6 - 21 October
Final Exam: In week beginning November 17

*Course commencement is subject to sufficient enrolments.

All students are asked to attend a preliminary meeting at 6 pm on Tuesday, 25 February, during which they will sit a diagnostic test to determine their placement and ensure that the courses can meet their needs. For further information on the content and applicability of these courses, please write to