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Student Stories

Students from right across Asia, South America, Europe and beyond, and from a variety of backgrounds are often unanimous in their praise for the improvement gained in their English language skills after completing an ANUC course.

But more than this, it’s the lifelong friends gained, and appreciation for people from different countries and cultures that enhances the wider education ‘experience’ that only a truly international College like ANU can offer.

Hear more from our students:

Amaya Carrasco Torrontegui

"I chose to study at ANU because it is the best University in Australia and one of the highest ranking universities in the world."

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Gumin Kim

"ANU College has a great program structure and curriculum that taught me academic skills and helped improve my English."

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Hanul Lee

"While providing academic programs of excellent quality, ANU College organises various outdoor activities students can participate in to enjoy their lives in Canberra."

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Maria Da Grace Da Silva

"All the knowledge that I have learnt and received from the College is very useful and have built my confidence - especially in speaking and writing."

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Maurice Jonquet Van Brunschot

"I chose ANU College because I am, by nature, ambitious, and one of the few places where I can quench my thirst for knoweldge is here - in one of the top ranked universities worldwide."

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Robertus In Nugroho Budisantoso

"Canberra provides a conducive environment to study. Students are surrounded by easily accessible and numerous sources of knowledge such as libraries, seminars and outstanding professors."

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Soichiro Inoue

"ANU College has improved my English ability and I am convinced that this experience will contribute to my study at ANU in the future."

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Sothea Bun

"Everybody around the world wants to study at ANU because after they graduate from here, they can get a good job or open their own business."

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Victoria Ashley Jong

"ANU College has a dedicated and enthusiastic group of teachers who have truly been a great source of motivation in my learning process."

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Weilin Zheng

"I chose to study at ANU College because it is a good pathway to ANU."

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Wonkyeong Ahn

"When I came to Australia I was eager to develop my language, so I decided to enrol at ANU College. My decision was right."

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Yuki Okazaki

"Learning English at ANU College may be tough for some, but regardless or your English level, if you study here, you will be at a much higher level at the end of the course."

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Zichen Yang

"I graduated from the Foundation Studies and have gone to ANU to study Finance and Acturial Studies. I am confident now to say that choosing to study at ANU College was the best decision I made."

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