About ANU College

Campus and Facilities

ANU’s main campus is in the heart of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory, only minutes from the nation's parliament and national institutions, and just a short walk from the city’s bustling centre.

Our campus combines the advantages of studying in Australia's capital city, with its state-of-the-art spaces for research, but wide open ‘green’ spaces to learn, meet and live. A sculpture walk, heritage trails, art gallery and Classics Museum are just some of the on-campus facilities and attractions.

There is a strong residential focus on campus, supporting a community with plenty of social and academic options. Additional counselling, health and medical, religious, parenting and disability services are also provided.

Facilities at the ANU College campus include:

  • 17 purpose built classrooms with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) facilities over 2 levels
  • SDL (Self Directed Learning) with computerised language learning software
  • Wireless network and internet access for students
  • Access to ANU libraries*
  • Comfortable student common room with kitchen facilities
  • Quiet study and ICT resource areas for students
  • First Aid Officers available
  • Assistance from a student welfare support officer.

* All ANUC students have access to the libraries.  The only group not able to access their databases are EAP students.  No ANUC students have borrowing rights